He was down for his brother这句话怎么翻译?

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He was down for his brother这句话怎么翻译?
He was down for his brother

He was down for his brother这句话怎么翻译?



He was down for his brother这句话怎么翻译? The office he worked for was shut down,( ) he returned to his hometown.A.however B.otherwise C.whereupon D.whereas The reason ___ he was late for the meeting is his car broke down on the road.A why,thatB why,becauseC that,thatD for which,because he bed was turned down ready for the night. 求翻译.Only once was he beaten for his dishonesty. His parents hunted for him everywhere when he was l He was tired of running errands for his sisterhonesty He was busy____(get) ready for his test. 英语翻译Two days past eighteen He was waiting for the bus in his army green Sat down in a booth in a cafe there Gave his order to a girl with a bow in her hair He's a little shy so she gives him a smile And he said would you mind sittin' down for 21.He was disappointed to find his suggestions ___.A.been turned down B.turned down C.to be turned down D.to turn down 英语翻译还有he was close to being killed last night when he was knocked down by carhe was angry with his son that he sat down into the sofa ,leaving with him at a loss for word 谢谢o(∩_∩)o while Tom saw the UFO,he was walking down the street with his friends有一处有错, he turned_the radio because his father was asleeep a on b down c up d over His house was fallen down because of the earthquake,He didn't know ------- je could live Once Einstein was waiting for one of his friends.While he was waiting,he became in deep _.It began to rain.The rain kept on for some time.When he ____ out a piece of paper form hia pocket to write something down,the paper was ____ and then he knew th 翻译he put down his name for the excursion..最好分析一下PUT DOWN在这里是什么意思 He put down his name for the excursion.这里面的put Looking down at his oid shoes ,he feit sorry for himself.