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Speech and thought bubbles have been adderd so that the pictures can be understood.这句话是目的状语从句吗? 翻译一句话:find out the wrong part of each sentenceand then correct it For a long time,they walked without saying_____word.John was the first to break_____silence.for a long time ,they walked without saying [ ]word ,john was the first to break[ ] silence,A; a the B;the,a C ;a ,x to be love so I can feei my love!you can sea love me?英语好的进来帮个忙知道的翻译下 They waited for a long time because they are_______to see the singer.But it seemed to be___now.用hope填空 谁有iphone4s的siri的语音列表,英语的.就比如要听音乐说music就好了,还有什么别的指令吗,直接发英文就好了.顺便旁边配下中文解释,感激不尽. 英语中的朋友(friend) 是可数名词还是不可数名词? 为什么我的iPhone4S港版siri是说英文的 stick in the 不要说像在泥潭里的棍子 这句话里的industry怎么翻译?谢谢!This programme is developed specifically for industry. the girl in the car is her sister怎么改成疑问句 telegraph industry怎么翻译? the girl in the car is Helen.对in the car提问 The culture industry中的理解Theodor Andorno and Max Horkheimer写的 The Culture Industry里面有一句 each brunch of culture is unanimous within itself and all are unanimous together.应该怎样理解?求大神解答下.如果能提供文本 as many senses as you canwhat is meaning? 英语翻译请问各位大大,哪位能告诉我“实业”可不可以翻译成“Industry”啊?或者有没有更正规的翻译?是公司名要用到的~ walking in the air翻译成中文是? 英语翻译the donkey was frightened by the noise.it began to struggled and it managed to free its legs from the pole.it jumped up in the air and fell over the side of the bridge and into the river.我发现有很多时候用in the air ,它的用法 May the joy and happiness around you today and always. (Love is blind. )(Love at first sight.)回答越准确 (Happiness)Our love you Kenibudong (Happiness)Our love you Kenibudong There must be many people ()through the jungle every dayThere must be many people ( )through the jungle every daytrekking?为什么? The park is _____beautiful that ____many people go there every dayA.so.such B.such,so C.so,so D.such.such I__frustrated when I wasn't sure of the correct answer.a.may be b.used to c.used to be d.use to be I__frustrated when I wasn't sure of the correct answer.a.may be b.used to c.used to be d.use to be the road is too narrow for the car to-------a pass through b pass Less is more与 Less is bore分别体现了怎么样的设计思想 can you smell the bubbles? 英语 give me back 、give back me 、give back my哪个是正确的?如果有多个正确,那么应该怎么用?我想表达的意思是“给回我” can you feel love tonight 专家! 请问英语翻译 give up和 back down可以通用吗? Put the correct mumber in the speech bubbles是什么意思? 翻译:Find the object and then find the correct verb.